Thoughts and notes on conversation(personal reference)
So what exactly is a conversation? Can it be clearly defined?
My dictionary defines it as “The spoken exchange of thoughts, opinions, and feelings; talk.”
Wikipedia defines conversation as ‘a form of interactive, spontaneous communication between 2 or more people following rules of etiquette’

Conversation is about so much more than the spoken word I think. When involved in face-face interaction there are so many different elements to consider – tone of voice, facial expression,body language, chemistry etc. People’s moods influence the direction and ‘feeling’ of a conversation – add alcohol and/or food and the dynamic changes again.
Where does social media fit in to this? Video conferencing? Do these dilute conversation or are they just conversations in the truest sense of the word? Are we more reticent knowing that these conversations are recorded?

The following are some thoughts I have been having since we started looking at ‘conversations’ as part of the module:
Conversations are fluid – they are responsive and unpredictable.
You cannot begin a conversation knowing how it will end.
Each person brings a unique set of ideas and experiences to a conversation.
You cannot have the same conversation twice.
Each person perceives or experiences the same conversation in a different way.
Are these statements true?


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