Tino Sehgal



Tino Sehgal

‘There’s too much stuff in the world—that’s the contention of Tino Sehgal. So The Berlin-based artist constructs experiences, not objects, that can nevertheless be bought and sold.’


‘For This situation, his first New York show, at the Marian Goodman gallery in 2007, hired players started a conversation by calling out one of 100 prechosen philosophical maxims—for instance, “In 1670, somebody said: ‘True eloquence has no use for eloquence.’” They interrupted themselves to announce to new visitors, “Welcome to This situation”; to periodically demand of a viewer, “What do you think?”; or to intermittently strike poses from famous works of art.’

Above quotes taken from link below:



Perhaps elements of this could inject a new dynamic to the next conversational task!


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2 thoughts on “Tino Sehgal

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    • Thanks – I found it a very interesting read, and I now have more questions than answers! I particularly liked this:
      Sehgal’s practice, the press release states, “grows out of an investigation into what constitutes a work of art and a crystallization of an art experience.” It is very definitely “constructed.” Choreographed gestures and spoken instructions are acted out by players and interpreters. Visitors are conceived as “a fundamental part of the work” (i.e., not just as an audience). They may also alter the artwork’s unfolding if they choose to participate.

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