How do you record a conversation?

Personal Notes:

Conversations are very difficult to pin down for a variety of reasons:

( If you have two eyewitnesses to an accident each person will have a different version of the same event)

Using an audio/visual recorder can affect dynamic (when videoing lessons it took a few weeks before the children stopped playing up to the camera and for the teacher to become more natural, left camera in corner of classroom sometimes on and sometimes off until it became a part of the furniture)

Taking minutes is selective recording.

Maybe when recording a conversation you need to just focus on recording one element or even just an impression?

getty_rm_photo_of_winestained_table_cloth download

Collecting a tablecloth afterwards?

Using a paper tablecloth and  inviting everyone to  scribble notes and key phrases/ doodles?


Ideas to consider and look at further/discard.


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