Education For Socially Engaged Art – Pablo Helguera


SEA- the tone of collaboration set by artist as conceptual director of project.

Defined by the role the artist assumes.

Accountability and Expertise.

Myles Horton ” my expertise is in knowing not to be an expert”

(look at Paulo Friere – farmers – exchange of knowledge. Point = not telling people what they don’t know – helping them to discover their own expertise so they can decide for themselves what they needed to know.)

Collaborative art requires modes of communication that recognize the limitations and potentials of a collective relationship.

Criteria for success – the distribution of accountability between the artist and his collaborators must be articulated.

The artist is not an invisible catalyst of experiences. Authorship.

Expertise – the artist provides a framework on which experiences can form and sometimes be directed to generate new insights around a particular issue (similar to teaching?)

Frameworks of Collaboration: the level of input from community must be defined. Incentives to feel ownership of the project. Truly invest not just participate.

Required: A reflection on the terms under which the artist and the group will interact.

Not easy to accomplish with other pressures (originality etc)

* Recognize the value that individuals bring to a collaboration.

* Each individual brings their own expertise and interests.

Collective motivation

* Do not use rigid structures as you must allow for the input of potential collaborators

Harrison Owen – Open Space Technology – collective brainstorming.

(RE: Real problem solving)

Collaborative Environment: Make the best use of the space you have.


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