BBC News – Hundreds create D-Day Arromanches beach art tribute

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BBC News –Hundreds create D-Day Arromanches beach art tribute.

Hundreds of volunteers have helped to create 9,000 sand drawings on a beach in France to remember those who lost their lives during the D-Day landings.

Sand was raked within stencils to create silhouettes of civilians, German forces and Allies who died on Arromanches beach on 6 June 1944.

The artwork, called The Fallen, was the brainchild of Bradford sculptors Jamie Wardley and Andy Moss.


Inspirational artist Wang Zhiyuan

This caught my eye – and it made me think of Tino Sehgal

‘There’s too much stuff in the world—that’s the contention of Tino Sehgal. So The Berlin-based artist constructs experiences, not objects, that can nevertheless be bought and sold.’

Are we liars?

During wool week I had a very interesting discussion with a Dutch lady about how we are perceived by others. She said that the British are liars and the Dutch are rude. She stated that the British are so polite that they say something is ‘lovely’ while the Dutch would rather be honest and say ‘I don’t like it’. I have to say that I couldn’t really argue – I often find myself saying one thing while thinking another. It might be interesting to have a discussion where you are only allowed to contribute if your statement is true! I found this on the internet but can’t confirm the source as the blog has been removed: