Intimate Immensity


“In point of fact, daydreaming, from the very first second, is an entirely constituted state. We do not see it start, and yet it always starts the same way, that is, it flees the object nearby and right away it is far off, elsewhere, in the space of elsewhere.”

— Gaston Bachelard,
Intimate Immensity,
in The Poetics of Space,
trans. Maria Jolas (Boston: Beacon, 1994), 183-84.

TateShots: Turner Prize 2011, Karla Black | Tate

TateShots: Turner Prize 2011, Karla Black | Tate.

Karla Black’s unorthodox and innovative approach to sculpture has led to a nomination for the Turner Prize 2011. Using established art materials alongside more unusual items such as nail varnish, cellophane and bath salts she creates work whose fragility seems to echo her fascination with pyschological vulnerability. In this interview she talks about what sculpture means to her, and its power to evoke a physical response.