Notes from reading

Education For Socially Engaged Art – Pablo Helguera


All art is social as it is mostly created to be communicated or experienced by others.  Socially Engaged Art is about the process – the fabrication of the work is social.

Some static artworks show the process in the finished piece; for example the record of brush strokes. The author of this work is the artist, the audience are re-actionary not pro-active or interactive.

“Socially Engaged Art falls within the tradition of conceptual process art”

“Socially Engaged Art is dependent on the involvement of others besides the instigator of the artwork.”

“Most artists who produce Socially Engaged works are interested in creating a collective art that affects the public sphere in a deep and meaningful way, not in recreating a representation of a social issue.”

“It is a hybrid, multi-disciplinary activity that exists somewhere between art and non-art…Socially Engaged Art depends on actual – not imagined or hypothetical social interaction”

Personal thoughts on these notes:

S.E.A difficult to categorise – touches on many disciplines. Main idea is of creating a work for a reason (social, political etc) but not exclusively ( although it should be real and meaningful to those involved.) S.E.A has something to say -but it is said on different levels and is fluid. The Art is in the journey not the end result.




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